As we start to approach Winter it can be a good time to think about how you want to support your immune system to stay as well and healthy as possible.

Your immune system is very closely interlinked with your nervous system. What that really means is that our immunity can be impacted by any form of stress we are under or perceive to be under, whether that just means stress from the busyness of life or something bigger.

Treatment at Centered Health is always aimed at balancing the nervous system and therefore supporting immunity, hormones, sleep, mental health, gut health, skin and so much more. The more balanced we are, the more resilient we are to what comes along and that includes all the winter bugs.

There are many nutritional supplements that can support the proper functioning of the immune system alongside treatment. Some of these include; iodine, Vit A, zinc, Vit D, probiotics, super mushrooms, ecchinea and so much more. As always, not every supplement is needed or right for every person so that is why we check exactly what your body requirements are.

I would like to talk a bit more about a couple of my favourites.

Immune Assist Homeopathic Remedy

This is our new homeopathic spray that we have recently introduced to support the prevention of coughs and colds. If you, like me, tend to have a tendency towards catching a winter cold then this is a wonderful support. Taken for the first three days of each month throughout winter, it is designed to keep colds at bay. If you do feel the start of something brewing it can also be taken acutely then to boost the immune system. One bottle will be enough for the whole family for one year. If you think this might be appropriate for your family’s immunity then please ask us to check.

Vitamin D

I am big on Vitamin D. Vitamin D is in fact a steroid hormone that is activated by the sun on our skin. The problem being that in New Zealand over winter, as we are so far away from the equator, the sun is never high enough to give us Vitamin D. Therefore it is very essential for everyone over the winter months.

Vitamin D is anti-viral, it protects the upper respiratory system (in fact studies have now shown that those with good levels of Vitamin D have done much better if exposed to Coronavirus.) Vitamin D also inhibits inflammation, has anti-cancer properties, decreases asthma, absorbs calcium into bones, and supports heart health and weight loss.

What can I do to support the optimal functioning of my immune system?

  • Maintain your regular wellness visits. A nervous system in balance means a less vulnerable immune system
  • Ask us to check your immune nutrients
  • Get enough sleep
  • Have some downtime regularly
  • Eat well and fresh
  • Connect with those you love and those that boost your positive energy
  • Exercise