Centered Health is moving to St Martins

Centered Health is moving. We’ve been operational for almost two years in our current location. As the business continues to grow, I have been on the lookout for a wonderful new space that can provide us with more room. I found that space recently and in 2 weeks we will be up and running from our new premises.

Our new premises will be located at 1/128 Wilsons Road, St Martins. It is on the same side and located very close to the St Martins New World. There are three onsite car parks available and plenty of off-street parking also available. Our new location is 10 minutes from our current location.

What you need to know

New Reception Team

With expanding the business we have been lucky enough to hire two amazing reception staff who will be dedicated to providing wonderful service and ensuring the smooth flow of the business. Over the next two weeks expect a phone call from one of our staff to explain the changes and to make sure you are happy with all the details.

I am beyond excited to introduce you all to the new space. It’s the next chapter for Centered Health and we continue to look forward to serving you and supporting you to make a difference in your health and wellbeing.

Much love,

Dr Amber Lynch

Dr Amber Lynch

Centered Health is moving to St Martins

Our new premises is located at 1/128 Wilsons Road, St Martins. It’s located very close to St Martins New World.


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