Immunity through Empowerment

Immunity Through Empowerment

Whenever our health is threatened, whether that be through a diagnosis or the emergence of a new virus, the feelings of hopelessness and disempowerment can be overwhelming. Our health can often be something that we take for granted until it feels under threat.

It is obvious to me that the world is going through a big conscious shift and it is at times like these that we are challenged to look at what is really important – in this case, for many, it is our health and wellbeing.

I have always thought of COVID as an opportunity for reflection. An opportunity to look at our lives and figure out what is important and if our values are aligning with our actions.

Ask yourself, is being well and healthy a top value for me? If so, does your current lifestyle reflect this?

Taking time to stop and reflect where you are at, is an important part of being a conscious human being – COVID and lockdowns are really giving us this opportunity.

How do we empower ourselves in times of uncertainty?

It is hard not to feel disempowered during times of uncertainty. Anxiety and fear are sure to bubble up for all of us at some such time. However it is possible to empower ourselves during these times simply by making choices that intuitively feel right for us. By directing our attention towards the things that matter most to us, we can choose to empower ourselves.

“Without being conscious of it, your greatest power has always been a combination of attention and intention.” Deepak Chopra  

Attention is focused awareness and where we place it is very important to how we feel.

  • Nutrition – focus on supporting your health through your diet, eat fresh, eat balanced and understand what works best for you. Often when we reach for the ‘bad stuff’ during times of stress we are feeding our emotions.
  • Be responsible for regulating your mood – what grounds you emotionally? This is an important question to answer. For me it is yoga and walking in nature. Anytime I am feeling too emotional or overwhelmed, I just need to take myself out for a long walk in nature. It’s a time to reflect and lean into what is.
  • Supplements – one thing we can’t change is the fact that COVID is here. Vaccinated or not, there is a high chance that we will all get COVID at some stage over the next 5 years. So, take matters into your own hands, support your immune systems, increase your opportunity for excellent recovery. Studies have shown that Vitamin D, zinc and selenium are all incredibly beneficial in boosting your immunity against COVID. These products are anti-virals and COVID is a virus.

Immunity through Empowerment

Supportive anti-oxidants and multi functional detoxifiers are also very important to support your body pre and post vaccination.

  • Switch off – it’s easy to get into a pattern of watching too much news or spending too much time engaging in negative social media. This is an excellent way to give away our power. Take it back by engaging only in that which serves you.
  • Surround yourself with your supportive tribe – we can’t do life by ourselves. We all need support from time to time, be brave, allow yourself to be vulnerable and ask for support when you need it, whether that be from friends and family or a trusted practitioner.
  • Be compassionate with yourself – our cellular body is listening all the time to what we say to ourselves. Whether that be negative or positive self talk, we are creating our reality. Remember, the goal is not to be perfect but we can make huge shifts just by speaking with love and compassion for ourselves.

Empowering yourself through treatment

There is a direct correlation between stress and your immunity, there is also a direct correlation between your emotions and your immunity. At Centered Health, treatment focuses on balancing the energy between your emotional (feeling), mental (overthinking), physical and spiritual elements. A balanced nervous system creates peace and harmony in your body, allowing it to do what it innately knows how to do – look after you.

Just remember, you are your biggest asset and no matter what we are facing in life, you have the power to support yourself and be supported to be the best version you can be.

You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” Rumi

As always, we are here to support and empower you.

Look forward to seeing you soon.