Immunity and Coronavirus

We are heading into that time of year where our immune systems can be a little challenged. In regards to what is happening in the world at the moment, I thought now would be a good time to delve into our immune system, how it is challenged and how best to support it.

But first . . .


Please don’t buy into mass panic and fear in regards to coronavirus. The media loves operating from a system of fear because let’s face it, it sells. The world has encountered many viral pandemics before, and while of course it is awful that people are getting sick from it and some are passing from it, it is important to put it into perspective. Therefore I would like to give you some real, current statistics.

“So far, the new coronavirus has led to more than 75,000 illnesses and 2000 deaths, primarily in mainland China. But that’s nothing compared with the flu. In the U.S alone, the flu has already caused an estimated 26 million illnesses, 250,000 hospitalisations and 14,000 deaths this season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” (Dr Ben Lynch)

In regards to the actual Coronavirus older adults have been hit the hardest. Most probably because they are likely to already have other co-morbidities. The death rate has been calculated at 14.8% in those over 80 years old, 70-79 is approximately 8 %, 60-69 is 3.6%, 50-59 is 1.3%, 0.4% for those aged 40-49 and just 0.2% for those aged 10-39. To date, nobody under 9 years old has died from the Coronavirus. (Reuters).

I tell you these statistics to give you some empowerment and reality over the situation.

Now let’s look at how we maintain a robust and resilient immune system.

How our immune system works

Our immunity is closely linked with our stress pathway. We make our physical body more vulnerable the more we activate our HPA Pathway (Hypothalamus – Pituitary – Adrenal), that is, our flight fight pathway. The modern world we live in, with all of our responsibilities, means that we often put too much stress on our systems.

As patients of Centered Health, you have already shifted your focus from waiting until you have a physical, emotional, mental issue to a place of wellness. Through regular 6 weekly to 2 monthly visits treatment will balance your nervous system and allow it to function at its potential, thereby keeping your HPA pathway supported and allowing your immune system to become resilient.

Treatment supports you and nutritional supplements support the treatment. Immune booster supports include Vitamin D3, one I believe every New Zealander should take over the winter months. The sun gives us Vitamin D and NZ being so far away from the equator means we simply cannot get enough in the colder months due to the angle of the sun.

Vitamin A, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin C, Iron, Probiotics all play a vital role in immunity.

As always, everybody is individual so treatment will tell us exactly what your immune system requires to function at optimal levels.

What can I do to support the optimal functioning of my immune system

  • Maintain your regular wellness visits. A nervous system in balance means a less vulnerable immune system
  • If you are travelling at the moment get a treatment about one week before you go.
  • Ask us to check your immune nutrients
  • Get enough sleep
  • Have some downtime regularly
  • Eat well and fresh
  • Connect with those you love and those that boost your positive energy
  • Exercise

My message is simple. Don’t buy into mass fear but it is up to you to be accountable for your health and wellbeing.

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