Beliefs and how they can impact our wellbeing

Beliefs and how they can impact our wellbeing

“A belief is simply a thought that is true for you and the world that we create for ourselves is based on these beliefs.” Deepak Chopra

Our beliefs start forming in early childhood as children start to develop their mental minds. Different beliefs are formed from behavior that is modeled to us and from the information that is told to us. So beliefs are set up in our consciousness right from the beginning.

As we continue to grow and be in the world, our beliefs continue to be shaped by our experiences, our reality, our parents, teachers, friends, our culture, religion, the movies, the media, and the list goes on.

What we think, imagine, what inspires us and frightens us all come from our beliefs, therefore our beliefs will ultimately shape our expectations, our mood, our assumptions, our health, our reality, and our life.

“The more you make your thoughts and beliefs into your identity, the more cut off you are from the spiritual dimension within yourself.” Eckhart Tolle.

How can beliefs shape our reality

I would like to give you an example of how our beliefs can shape our experiences by sharing with you a defining moment in my life where I was able to identify a lifelong limiting belief and the resulting empowerment I received from breaking down this old belief.

As many of you know, I was a nurse before I became a Chiropractor. I loved my nursing career and worked very hard to achieve my Bachelor of Nursing. In fact, I have always worked very hard in education, often just passing my papers at school and in nursing with a huge sigh of relief. I was proud of the fact that I worked hard and also really disappointed with the sense of just scraping through.

My belief, for as long as I can remember, was that I was not bright, I was not intelligent, and that whatever I wanted to achieve academically never came easy.

This belief I had come up with was reflected back to me in my world, as are all beliefs. I was creating my reality.

As I started to think about a career as a Chiropractor, my main fear was that I simply wasn’t intelligent enough to get through the degree. However, it was also at this time in my life that I did a big chunk of personal development on myself through a course with my wonderful mentor Robin Woodsford. It was called ‘Homecoming’, the idea being that you were coming home to yourself. It was here that I identified, unpacked, and became conscious of my limiting beliefs and how they were holding me back.

Five years later I graduated from the NZ College of Chiropractic where I achieved academically at a high level consistently. It was a really proud moment, not just because I had let go of a limiting belief pattern but also because I was also now so much more conscious of the other beliefs that were not empowering me to lead my best life.

Beliefs and how they can impact our wellbeing

How can treatment at Centered Health support individual belief structures?

At Centered Health, the EFE technique will treat the patient on a holistic platform, that is, treatment will support the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and structural elements of the individual. However, it goes beyond this. Treatment will support you to identify beliefs that you hold by shifting the energy around those beliefs. As your Doctors, we then discuss the treatment and identify the beliefs so as to bring it up to your conscious awareness, you then have the ability to do some work on this to release it fully.

How can I continue to do the work on my beliefs to create more well-being?

Beliefs can be both empowering and limited, with limited beliefs being far more common. Deepak Chopra discusses how even empowering beliefs can limit you in a way as they define you. True empowerment, Deepak comments, comes from beyond beliefs.

Some good personal reflections post-treatment can include asking certain questions of your beliefs, eg:-

  • Is this belief true?
  • How does this belief serve me or limit me?
  • Who would I be if I didn’t believe this idea?
  • What could I achieve or bring into my life, if I didn’t believe this idea?

Our health, our wellbeing, and our experience of the world as a whole are as we are. Therefore we can change our health, our wellbeing, and our entire experience of the world simply by identifying and changing our beliefs.

“It is very easy to conform to what your society or your parents or your teachers tell you. That is a safe and easy way of existing, but that is not living. To live is to find out for yourself what is true.” Jiddu Krishnamurti